Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Two Things...

First Thing


As I mentioned before, I've started, albeit very slowly, putting my collection on TCDB. This has been an eye opening experience. I have learned that even though I thought I was semi-organized with my cards, I'm not. It might look like it, but it's not even close. I've got boxes labeled by brand and years and most of the cards in those boxes are in order. However, that's where the organization ends! I have all of these "other boxes" that have all kinds of cards in them. Even cards that should be in the organized boxes. Every time I turn around, I find more cards that should be somewhere else. 

The other issue is every time I sit down and say to myself, let's work on listing cards in TCDB, I get easily sidetracked to something more fun like looking at the cards instead of cataloging them. Also, like last night, the task just seemed too daunting, so I bailed on it. A couple of people have mentioned that its a process and I believe them!

Another revelation to inventorying my collection that has become a bit of a dilemma is figuring out a system to add cards as they come in. Now don't get me wrong, its not like there's a ton of cards coming in the door everyday, but when I do get something, the first thing I do after I look at it is to put in its place in the set...and forget to mark it off the list or put it in TCDB. I did start a list that I need to add to TCDB, but I can already see that its not going to be very effective. I need to start doing a better job of tracking what's coming in, from where and when it arrives so it will be easier to inventory. 

What a mess! The hope is that one day, I'll get it all in TCDB and in it's rightful place. 

Second Thing

This kind of ties into the first thing...

I had to find a starting point in adding my collection to TCDB, so I opened the cabinet and pulled out a year that I only had 2 boxes of and I knew that I didn't have any outlying cards to deal 1991 Topps cards. 

I honestly cannot remember the last time I have looked at these cards. I checked my checklist and found out that the set wasn't complete, which was a bit of a disappointment, but it is what it is. Anyway, I started going through all of the cards that I have and found some really cool looking cards. I will say that not all of the pictures are clear, some seem grainy but I really liked some of the shots they used on these cards. 

Hard to go wrong with card #1 Nolan Ryan. I'm a huge Ryan fan. Almost got to meet him one time. I'll tell that story another day.
I was never a big fan of Carlton Fisk. Probably, because my Rangers had the "real" Pudge in Ivan Rodriguez, but I thought this was a cool looking card. You know with Cecil Fielder running he had to be out, but can you imagine what it would feel like trying to catch the throw with that big man barreling at you?


Chipper Jones rookie card. I always liked Chipper, but wasn't a huge fan. I have some family ties to the Atlanta Braves, so I always followed them but like I said wasn't a big fan. I have become more of a fan listening to him talk on different broadcasts, podcasts and such. George Brett could flat out hit. Seems like every time the Rangers played the Royals Brett was always on base or coming up with the big hit. I remember in 1980 when got to .400 and finished hitting .390 for the year. I was rooting for him to pull it off. He was so close. 


I could go on and on about Cal Ripken, but will save it for another time. I just like the card. Benny Santiago's card is a cool pic and I always like a good action shot like Rickey Henderson's.

I think this is one of the best Roger Clemens cards. The scoreboard on the Green Monster, Strike out, such a cool shot. 

The 1991 set is a 792 card set that celebrates Topps 40th year anniversary. There are two subsets, the Glossy All-Star set and the Glossy Rookie Set.


I have a few of the All-Star cards, but not any of the Rookie cards. Might have to look into acquiring some these in the future. 

To wrap this up, TCDB definitely has it's challenges, uploading everything, making me evaluate how I do things and how to get organized, but there's an underlying benefit of revisiting cards in my collection I've set aside and haven't looked at in awhile. 

Oh yeah, one other thing(I guess that makes it three things!)...Shout out to Night Owl Cards for the mention in his blog!


Isaiah 40:31

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

A Hodgepodge of Thoughts

 You'd think that with only 7 posts to date (8 if you count the one I've started yet never finished), I wouldn't be struggling with something to write about. I mean, my wife tells me all the time that I can talk to a wall and get it to talk back to me. Part of the problem is I read all of these other blogs and watch all of these different YouTube videos with all of these followers and think, what do I have to say that anyone would want to read about? I have to remember that its not just about the readership, but about me having the opportunity to talk about something that I'm passionate and baseball card collecting. 

Today, it will be a hodgepodge kind of post. 

Topps Retail packs


There are tons of people trashing Topps retail because of the scarcity of the numbered inserts found in them. If you don't like it, don't buy it! Just because you don't like something means you should trash it. There's a bunch of us out there that don't have easy access to a local card store and Target and Walmart is our best bet. Walmart and Target have helped me get my card fix and helped me get two of my nephews into collecting baseball cards. I don't understand why there are so many negative people out there who feel as if they need to trash everything that they don't like!

Inventorying my collection

When you sit down to start trying to figure out a way to order and catalogue your collection, it can be overwhelming. It is overwhelming. The picture above isn't mine, but that's what it feels like. I decided to give TCDB a try to catalogue my collection. I was able to put a few completed sets on there really easy, once I figured it out. Then I started putting my player collection cards on there. Small amount of cards, still pretty easy. Then I got ambitious and started putting some duplicates on there. Took some time, but figured it out. Then I hit my first roadblock. TCDB listed the cards on top of the sets, which is exactly what I expected it to do, but when I tried to move the dupes to the Trade/Sale list, it wants to move all of the cards, even the one for the set. I know that I can move them one at time, but that will be a pain. Is there an easy way to do this or do I need to upload a different way? So, any TCDB experts out there who happen on this blog, help a brother out!!!

Player Collection

With all of the young stars these days that I really like and thinking about of those players I really enjoyed watching growing up, I decided to start some player collections. Now that there are literally thousands of cards each year for each player and the fact that I'm someone that likes complete sets, I've decided to limit my player collections, for now, to just the base cards each year. My one exception is the rookie cards in the update sets. That's how I'm going to start this anyway. I'm saving a spot for the one rookie card I don't have that I'm always on the hunt for, but can't afford and that's Mike Trout's 2011 Topps Update #US175.

One day, I'll have one of these. One day. 

I did pick up a rookie card of one of those players I saw play in the day that I'm going to collect.

 1976 Topps Ron Guidry. Now, when he was playing, my biggest problem with him was that he was a Yankee. The Yankees owned the Rangers forever. As much as I didn't like him for his team, I always thought he was an awesome pitcher. I believe he is one of the most underrated pitchers from that era. Three different times he won more than 20 games. When I think of pitchers from the '70s and '80s he's always on the list. 

New Baseball Rules 

Well, its been a couple of weeks with the new rules. Here's where I'm at on them.

        Pitch clock

I think I'm a fan of the pitch clock. I do think it should be tweaked. Maybe, even increase it by 5 seconds to give the batter a little more time. I know if someone was throwing a 100mph fastball at me and put me in the dirt, I'd need more than 8 seconds to get back in the box. Someone suggested that the clock be turned off in the 9th inning if the hitter can win the game. I think that's a pretty good idea. The pace of the game is better.

        Pick-off attempts and larger bases

I'm not a fan of limiting pick-off attempts. MLB already made the bases larger to help the runners, you don't need to limit pick-offs too. I like stolen bases in games. I became a huge Rickey Henderson fan because of stolen bases, but let's not go from one extreme to the other. I think the Rangers led the Majors in stolen bases last year and I felt like they ran a lot. My guess is that analytics has taken stolen bases out of the equation. Too many non-baseball people making baseball decisions. 

All in all, the new rules, so far, I have to say have been positive. I really didn't think I'd ever say that, but it seems to be true. 

Hope everyone has a blessed day!


Isaiah 40:31

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