Saturday, July 15, 2023


 No, I'm not talking about the best LA Lakers teams from my childhood. I'm talking about the Dallas Card Show.

Like most of us in the blog world, I'm not going to the National in Chicago as much as I'd like to. I told Dr. Beckett, when I ran into him at the show, that this was my National. In reality, it wasn't that either. I was on a time crunch and didn't really make my rounds all of the tables like I normally do. 

Normally when I'm at the show, I look for vintage cards and cards needed to complete my older sets. This time, I decided that I was going to spend my time scouring the $1.00 boxes and see what I can find. Now, all in all, it I felt as if it was pretty productive. It was a slow process and it really limited my time walking around looking at other tables. I found all of these cards in the 5 for a $1.00 or the 3 for $2.00 boxes. 

The Yordan Alvarez completes the Stars of MLB set. The Luis Robert goes to the Topps player collection and the Chapman goes into the set. 

All of these cards goes into my player collections. I already had the Seager and the Betts, but I needed to get two more cards and I figured I could give them to my grandsons or my nephews. 

While I was going through the boxes, I ran across the All Aces cards. I wasn't going to collect the subset, but I really like these cards and they were only .20 each so, I guess I'm going to put the subset together.  

I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a Bobby Witt Jr. fan. I got to see him play in high school when my oldest son was coaching against him. He seems to be a really nice kid and boy can he play. If I can come across his cards and can afford them, I'll pick them up. I do think that I'm going to stick to Topps products though. I'm not a big fan of the unlicensed products. Can't go wrong with a rookie Corey Seager either. 

These are just some players that I like and have player collections of them. Anything that I double up on will go to the grandkids or nephews. 

I think these were my favorite pickups for the day. I got all of these for $4.00. Felt like a pretty good deal to me. 

I'm debating what to do with my cards that no longer fit in my collection. 

I have listed over 2,000 cards on and so far, in 5 1/2 months I've sold 41 cards in 13 different orders for a net of about $67.00. Every time I start to think about shutting it down and just moving everything to TCDB for trade/sale, I'll sell something. $67.00 isn't much, especially spread over 5 1/2 months, but its still $67.00 that I get to spend on cards. 

I've also listed over 11,000 cards for trade/sale on TCDB. The cards listed here are not listed on the site. In about 3 1/2 months I've completed 19 trades with 3 trades in progress. I've gained over 350 cards for my collection and traded away over 150 cards that weren't fitting in with my collection. There's no doubt that trading on TCDB has been a positive for me. I've interacted with some really nice people and have only had one issue and it was worked out without any problem. The trade offers have dwindled quite a bit. I'm still adding cards to my collection and to the trade/sale list, but there hasn't been much action lately. I still haven't initiated a trade yet and I need to do that. 

I think for now, I'm going to keep things the way they are and keep listing cards for sale on and keep listing in the for trade/sale in TCDB and see how it plays out. 

Isaiah 40:31

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