Sunday, January 21, 2024

First Anniversary of Dillard's Dugout

It's been a year and a day since I started this blog.  Looking at the stats on my blog, it looks like over 15,000 views (seems a little fishy to me), most being from Germany???? I didn't realize I was so popular in Europe! Maybe some of you veteran bloggers out there can better explain the stats to me. It really doesn't make any sense. 

I do know there was definitely an uptick in views after I finally got my blog listed on TCDB.

One thing that I found interesting was that my two highest viewed posts were more on the negative side of collecting. The number one viewed post was "To Grade or not to grade". If you read that post, you know that I'm not a fan of graded cards, so it's not a very positive post. I also think there are still a lot of collectors out there trying to figure out to grade or not grade their cards. 

The second most viewed post was "My least favorite sets from the 1980s". I tried really hard to not be too negative because, I mean, its baseball cards so how can it be negative? The title though gives it a negative spin. The 1981 set was the first Topps packs I remember opening. The 1982 set, despite the double hockey sticks was still the best set of '82 and I promise you I have more 1987 Topps cards than I do any other year so, if it's that bad why would I have so many? 

So, what's my point? Is everyone drawn to negative posts? I hope not, because I'm not really a negative person. I'm definitely a "glass half-full" kind of person. The hobby is supposed to be fun. If the fun ever wears off then it's time to find a new hobby.

Now there are stats that I do understand. I have 14 followers, made 27 posts and received 117 comments. Not a bad start. I do have a goal to write more in year 2 and hopefully, will pick up some more followers. I have "met" some amazing people through blogging and hope to "meet" many more.

Thank you for all of you who follow the blog and a bigger thank you to those who comment. I really don't believe I'd still be writing this without your support. Hopefully, the writing has improved over time and will continue to get better as I continue to write. I've got a long way to go to catch up to my friend Night Owl. Maybe one day...



Isaiah 40:31

P.S. I can't have a post without posting a pic of a card or two...




  1. Happy Blog Anniversary! I'm looking forward to year #2!

  2. Happy year anniversary! ... I don't check my blog stats too much anymore but I just did for the last year and there are lots from Germany as well (but not quite as much as Singapore 🤔).

  3. I am a follower. I really enjoy your positive outlook! We need more of that all the time. Congratulations on the milestone.

  4. Happy anniversary! Singapore holds the title for most readers of my blog. United States is a close second. After that it's a pretty significant drop off with Russia winning the bronze medal.

  5. Good job on the blog. I figured I can give you a favor after following Don Cardwell, so I followed yours.

    Ah, love that Rangers middle infield.

  6. Happy anniversary! Hopefully lots of real actual readers and not just some bot crawling traffic


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