Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The Hill

I started to include this in my last post, but felt like it needed it's own. So, this is my first mid-week post. I doubt seriously that this becomes a thing, but you never know.  

If you haven't seen the movie "The Hill" you need to watch it. 

This is a true story of Rickey Hill and his journey to professional baseball. This is a great movie about faith and passion that just happens to be about baseball too. I was blessed to meet Rickey a couple of weeks ago and got his autograph on a card. The movie tells the story, but listening to him talk about other details that the movie didn't show is remarkable. Definitely, a miracle. 

I have been around baseball since I was 5 years old when I was the batboy for a 6 year old team that I was too young to play on. That same year, I saw my first minor league game at Turnpike Stadium in Arlington, TX with the Dallas-Ft. Worth Spurs. I played baseball until I was 19 years old. I started umpiring when I was 16 and called games for 36 years. When my oldest son turned 5, I started coaching. I coached little league for 20 years. 5 years ago, I volunteered to help coach the baseball team at the high school where I teach and have been on the coaching staff ever since. None of that even includes baseball card collecting. 

In case you couldn't tell, I love baseball. I have loved baseball since that first practice I attended when I was 5. As much as I am passionate about baseball, I'm no where near the passion that Rickey Hill had to play the game. He was told his whole life he couldn't do it and he did. I wish that I could bottle his passion for the game and share it with my players. 

I hope that if you haven't watched the movie, you'll find the time to see it. It's on Netflix and can be rented or purchased on Prime. 



Isaiah 40:31


  1. It's in our queue to watch, hopefully soon.

  2. Should be watching it this week. Also, somehow I misplaced your address. Please e-mail it to me

    jfmjr1@aol.com. Thanks

  3. That's awesome. It's great that you were able to meet him in person.

    We tried to watch the movie, but it was a different film titled 'The Hill' that came out in 1965 and was a British prison drama. Not the same thing. However, on the Roku it had the cover for the baseball movie.

  4. Will have to see if we can find the movie. I currently have two baseball players right now. One is pretty involved in the travel scene - he really has a lot of natural talent - and I have moved on from coaching him.

    My 9 year old tried travel last year and was miserable, so we have decided to try out Little League again and have fun playing the game. He doesn't have the natural talent as the other but loves catching which he gets plenty of opportunity to do in Little League!


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